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To start new "DENDO DRIVE HOUSE" service from 2019

Tokyo, March 5, 2019 - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will be giving demonstrations at its booth of the DENDO DRIVE HOUSE (DDH) at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show*1, March 5th through 17th. DDH - a new energy ecosystem allowing owners to generate, store and energy automatically between their cars and home, enhancing the value of electric vehicles, offered to customers at the showroom when they buy the EV/PHEV at MMC dealerships, is a V2H*2 based home system MMC plans to start offering this service in Japan and Europe from 2019.

  • *1 Officially, Le 89e Salon international de l’automobile Geneve 2019. March 5 and 6 are Press Days, while the show is open to the public from March 7 through 17.
  • *2 Vehicle to Home: A system of supplying homes with electric power stored in EV/PHEV batteries.


The DENDO DRIVE HOUSE (DDH) is a packaged system comprising the EV/PHEV, a bi-directional charger, solar panels and home battery and is designed for home use. This is a one-stop shopping service available at MMC dealerships that bundles together the sale, installation and after-maintenance*3 of the system components. The package allows the customer to charge their EV/PHEV at home using solar generated power, and to supply electricity from their EV/PHEV to the home. DDH brings merits to the customer that include savings on electricity costs and the provision of an emergency power source.

Benefits delivered by DENDO DRIVE HOUSE (DDH)
  • ・The DDH system delivers significant cost benefits. The customer can reduce fuel costs by using solar panels to generate power during the day for charging EV/PHEV and domestic storage batteries, while at night, they can reduce power costs by using a bi-directional charger to supply power from their EV/PHEV to the home.
  • ・The customer can contribute to the creation of a low-carbon society by using the electricity generated by solar panels to power domestic appliances or to provide the power to operate the EV/PHEV.
  • ・DDH provides an emergency power source that can supply power from the EV/PHEV or storage battery to run appliances in the home.
  • ・DDH is offered as an inclusive package at Mitsubishi dealerships, making it easier for the customer to purchase all the system components.

Mitsubishi Motors is working to make customer lives more affluent and convenient through the electrification of vehicles. When moving, the electric vehicles respond faithfully to their driver’s intentions. When parked, it is a partner that can be depended on. DDH is a proposal that brings a new kind of value to the electrification of vehicles.

  • *3 In certain countries and regions, installation and after-maintenance will be handled by outsourced contractors.