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    MITSUBISHI CONNECT Android Auto™ Compatible Apps Demonstration
    at 2018 Geneva Motor Show

    Tokyo, March 2, 2018 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will be demonstrating two MITSUBISHI CONNECT genuine apps at its stand at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show to be held in Geneva from March 6 through March 18. Both compatible with the Android Auto*1 platform, the EV Charging Station Finder app searches for EV charging stations while the Drive Scoring app diagnoses how the car is being driven.

  • EV Charging Station Finder app (beta version)
  • The EV Charging Station Finder app uses the latest available information to allow the driver to search for charging stations in the vicinity of the car or at the destination and also to check whether charging pumps at the station are available or occupied, the type of connector plug they use, opening hours and other details. The app allows the user to connect their smartphone to MMC’s Smartphone Display Audio (SDA) system and search for charging station location and details, as well as set a particular charging station as the destination using Google maps*1. This is the Europe market version of MMC’s EV Support app which is already available in Japan.
  • Drive Scoring app (beta version)
  • Connecting car and smartphone by USB cable, the Drive Scoring app monitors the driving information (using some 30 items of data including GPS, distance driven, use of accelerator and brakes and driving time). The app collects data on an individual’s driving behavior by analyzing the driving information together with map information and data on weather conditions to provide driving behavior tips for safer driving. For Europe, the app is under development to provide a suggestion on the insurance policy best suitable for the driver, a driver score competition with others, and roadside assistance.
  • *1・・・Android, Android Auto, and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google LLC.