A S X   /   R V R

I M P A C T   a n d   I M P U L S E


In addition to the toughness of Mitsubishi SUV's, the new ASX has been designed as s refined urban SUV.
The tough, robust and uniquely Mitsubishi design allowed us to aim for a more impactful look and give a stronger impression.


The front end, the "DYNAMIC SHIELD" was adopted and evolved. Its horizontal and vertical line configuration demonstrates the strength and toughness of the new ASX. The front face is made more substantial. The distinctive lamp layout with the signal lamps and fog lights on the sides portray the unique and excellent qualities of Mitsubishi.

For the rear, a bolder horizontal tail lights design that stretches further over the full width of the car was used. Also, the black on each side of the bumper produces a wide and stable look. The tail lights consist mostly of LEDs giving it an advanced, sharp new image.