Internships are held as educational support activities for university students,
graduate students, and technical college students who wish to be car designers.

About the MITSUBISHI Design internship

At a classroom in our Design Center, designers and modelers working on the frontline give professional exercises in several courses, including car design, CMF, and modeling.
Tours of Development Departments, test-course experience, and actual models will also help students feel the atmosphere at the manufacturing facility.

Internship Programs

  • '19 Summer Internship

    Event date

    26th ( Mon. ) - 30th ( Fri. ) August , 2019

    Application deadline

    14th ( Sun. ) July , 2019

    Internship offer Location
    Exterior / Interior Styling Designer, Okazaki city,
    Aichi prefecture,
    Design Strategy Planner,
    CMF Designer,
    Physical Modeler,
    Digital Modeler,
    Perceived Quality Specialist
    Graphic Designer Tokyo, Japan
    Applying internship
    has been closed.
    Thank you for
    many applications.
  • '20 Spring Internship

    Event date

    Early March , 2019 -Under Planning-