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outline outline An off-road course of 670km long in total where speed and durability is put to the test

The 29th Baja Portalegre 500

Dates of the rally October 22 (Thu) to 24 (Sat), 2015

Baja Portalegre 500 is a cross country rally hosted by the Automovel Club de Portugal. It was first held in 1987 and this is its 29th year. Based on the old capital of Portalegre city in the region of Alentejo, near the border with Spain, the race is competed over a total distance of 670km, including about 440km of special stages and about a 230km-long liaison sections.The rally is also incorporated into the World Cup for Cross Country Rallies held by the Federation Internationale de lfAutomobile (FIA) as the 10th race. It is also well-known for gathering strong competitors who plan to compete also in the Dakar Rally, the worldfs toughest rally. The entire event expects more than 300 competitors in total, including automobiles, motor bikes and quads.

Machine The improved performance of the PHEV system and the Twin-Motor 4WD appeared in the virile looks that only a rally car has!

The rally car is based on the Outlander PHEV.Based on the production model, a necessary remodeling was done in order to promote development of EV and AWC (All-wheel Control) technologies.

Improving the  performance of  PHEV system

Output of front and rear motors, engine speed, and production of electricity by the generator all had been increased. Together with these improvements in performance, the drive battery capacity was increased.
Driving performance of  the Outlander PHEV

Improved drivability on  rough roads

Output of front and rear motors, engine speed, and production of electricity by the generator all had been increased. Together with these improvements in performance, the drive battery capacity was increased.

Team Paris-Dakar Champion Hiroshi Masuoka takes on a challenge

Driver's comment Well, here we are entering the new Outlander PHEV in the Baja Portalegre 500. This car has received popular reviews both in Japan and Europe for its smooth and stable driving dynamics which stem from its Twin Motor 4WD driveline. The Baja Portalegre 500 requires competitors to complete the 500 km course non-stop, apart from some 20 minute service times, over everything from high-speed gravel to punishing 'yumpy' roads. For a PHEV, this demands the highest levels of drive motor and battery durability. With many competitors in this year's Baja Portalegre 500, I am driven to show the rallyOutlander PHEV's high levels of driving dynamics and durability which derive from the production model to people from all over the world. With the support of MMC EV development engineers, we will be competing with a view to finishing among the winners using this event as an opportunity to demonstrate the upgraded power of its EV components alongside the advance stage of development of our 4WD control technology aiming to develop plug-in hybrid EV system further in the future. I ask you all to support our efforts.

Manager/driver Hiroshi Masuoka Hiroshi Masuoka has been interested in automobiles since he was a child under the influence of his father. He first competed in an off-road race when he was 18.

Masuoka competed in the Paris-Dakar Rally, which is known as one of the toughest races in the world, in a Mitsubishi Pajero from 1987. He was the first Japanese driver to win back-to-back titles in 2002 and 2003.Since 2012, Masuoka has participated in the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, which is a historical hillclimb race held in Colorado, U.S., driving the EV competition vehicle gMiEV Evolution.h In 2014, he gained his first victory for Team Mitsubishi Motors as a manager by winning the Electric Modified Class. As a driver, his result was 2nd in the class (3rd overall).

Co-driver Pascal Maimon (France)

Pascal Maimon has served an important role as the co-driver for Team Mitsubishi Motors since the 1992 Dakar Rally. He has partnered with Hiroshi Masuoka from 2000, and got 2nd place overall in 2001, and achieved overall victory with Masuoka in 2002. While he competes in various cross country rallies as a co-driver, he also has experience in the organization of the race as a staff member of the organizer of the Dakar Rally.

Report Trajectory running through the  land of Portugal

  • October 22, 2015

    Shakedown The team arrived in Portugal.The finishing of the vehicle is checked.

    Photo and Report

  • October 23, 2015

    Eve of the rally Towards Portalegre, the center of the rally Passed the official vehicle inspection!

    Photo and Report

  • October 24, 2015

    Leg 1 result without any problemI third place in the National Rally,32nd overall

    Photo and Report

  • October 25, 2015

    Leg 1 result without any problemI third place in the National Rally,32nd overall

    Photo and Report

result 47th overall Total driving time: 11 hours, 5 minutes, 47 seconds

INTERVIEW Manager/driver Hiroshi Masuoka. We were able to reconfirm the effectiveness of motor-driven PHEV system under the slippery, tough off-road conditions.

It was not possible to achieve a higher finish after our problems on the third stage. Then we were ready for the fourth stage of about 201km. This was the longest of the rally and the track was very slippery because of the rain. The Outlander PHEV was very easy to control and very responsive in the muddy conditions, while the engine car cannot handle those conditions so easily. We cleared these conditions without any problems at all, driving on a slippery road surface. The electric motor coped well and the torque and the power was constant. We were able to prove, yet again, the potential of the PHEV system in an off-road environment.The new Outlander PHEV, which provided the base vehicle for the rally car, went on sale in Europe in September and I would really like our customers to

INTERVIEW Technical Director Yasuo Tanaka. The experience driving to the limit in the rally will improve the performance of production cars.

The car stopped in the middle of the third stage. This was purely a temporary hitch. To determine what happened we needed to do the proper research and it was not directly linked to the main PHEV system. It was linked to a blown fuse in the 12-volt power generation system. When we replaced the fuse, the car worked perfectly as if nothing had happened.We sent the car into the fourth stage, the longest of the rally at around 200km, and it performed superbly, even better than we had imagined. The Outlander PHEV recorded the second fastest time in the National Rally, beating many traditional rally vehicles. The car was able to run at a speed better associated with dedicated rally machinery. I really saw the potential of the Outlander PHEV.Although the third stage was disappointing, I really saw the true potential of the Outlander PHEV and we saw its durability in a wide range of difficult road conditions and a motor sport environment. Now we will continue to advance the development of the PHEV system in rallying conditions, with the aim of passing on the feedback to our manufacturing departments in terms of feedback for the production of commercial vehicles.

profuct Outlander PHEV

The Outlander PHEV was used as the base for the rally car that competed in the Baja Portalegre 500.It is the culmination of Mitsubishi Motorsf know-how for making SUV, technologies for electric-powered vehicles, and all-wheel control.

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