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Purifying Exhaust Gas while Driving

Vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel engines inevitably emit combustion gases from the engine while driving. These exhaust gases contain pollutants. Mitsubishi Motors constantly develops and promotes gasoline and diesel engine vehicles that emit lower concentrations of these noxious exhaust gases.

Improving Gasoline Engine Vehicles

Since the 1960s, emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides (NOx) have been steadily restricted by regulations.
We have taken various measures since such regulations were first introduced. We currently comply with these regulations by applying electronically controlled fuel injectors and advanced catalyst technologies to the combustion control system.

Additional ULEV*1 70 Vehicles for North America Introduced

The compact SUV Eclipse Cross for the North American market is now compliant with the ULEV70 standards, which substantially reduce emissions of harmful substances.

*1 Abbreviation for Ultra Low Emission Vehicle

Electric Vehicle i-MiEV

Eclipse Cross for the North American market

Improving Diesel Engine Vehicles

For diesel engine vehicles, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, NOx and particulate matter have been regulated in some countries, such as Japan, United States and European countries, since the 1970s.
Since such regulations were first introduced, we have taken measures including improving the combustion technology. To comply with these regulations, we have developed and produced clean diesel engines by systemizing technology such as VG turbochargers, controlling combustion with a common rail fuel injection system, introducing after-treatment using NOx trap catalysts, and diesel particulate filters.

VG Turbocharger

VG turbocharger

The VG turbocharger helps to improve fuel economy and suppress emissions of particulate matter through optimum supercharging across the engine's operating range.

Common Rail Fuel Injection System

Common rail type fuel injection system

Particulate matter and NOx can be generated due to incomplete combustion. In Mitsubishi Motors vehicles, this is suppressed using a high-pressure fuel pump, common rail accumulator that stores highly pressurized fuel, and electronically controlled fuel injectors.

NOx Trap Catalyst

NOx trapping catalyst

This converts toxic NOx into harmless nitrogen.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Diesel particulate filter (DPF)

This substantially reduces particulate matter.

Vehicles with Clean Diesel Engines


Pajero for the Japanese market

Delica D:5

Delica D:5 for the Japanese market