Policies / Environmental Vision 2020

In fiscal 2009, Mitsubishi Motors formulated an "Environmental Vision 2020" based on its "Environmental Policy". The "Environmental Vision 2020" states our medium- to long-term policy for environmental initiatives across the entire group for a low-carbon society. The "Environmental Vision 2020" centers on the concept of "Leading the EV* era, toward a sustainable future. "We aim to create a sustainable future by pursuing environmental initiatives in technological development and business activities, spearheaded by EV technology. We aim to work with customers and society to create a clean and vibrant low-carbon society.
In addition, we are commencing work on our next Environmental Vision with considering transformations in mobility impacting the automotive industry, such as autonomous driving, connected cars, and so forth.

Achieving the Environmental Vision 2020

To achieve the goals of the "Environmental Vision 2020", we will focus our efforts in a three-pronged approach comprising "products & technologies," "business activities," and "collaboration with society."

Products & Technologies
  • Promote development and application of EV technology
  • Reduce environmental impact during vehicle life cycle
Business Activities
  • Step up corporate activities to promote widespread use of EVs
  • Raise level of environmental protection activities by setting new standards for each field of corporate activity
Collaboration with Society
  • Create a pleasing and low-carbon society by working together with customers and society.
  • Step up contribution to protecting the global environment by environmental conservation activities with local communities

* EV: Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and other electric-powered vehicles