Policies / Environmental Policy

Mitsubishi Motors formulated the "Environmental Policy" that clarifies its initiatives for environmental preservation in corporate management.

Basic Policy

Mitsubishi Motors recognizes that protection of the global environment is a priority for humankind and as such makes the following pledges:

  1. Taking a global perspective, we are committed to harnessing all our resources to achieve continuous reductions in the environmental impact of all our corporate activities, spanning development, procurement, production, sales, and after-sales servicing of vehicles.
  2. As a good corporate citizen, we are committed to take actions that protect the environment at the level of local communities and society as a whole.

Behavioral Standards

  1. We will endeavor to protect the environment by forecasting and assessing the environmental impact of our products at all stages in their life cycle.

    <Priority Initiatives>

    • Prevention of global warming by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases
    • Prevention of pollution by restricting emissions of substances harmful to the environment
    • Reduction of waste and maximizing efficient use of resources by promoting conservation of resources and recycling.
  2. We will endeavor to improve our environment management practices as part of ongoing efforts to ameliorate the impact on the environment.
  3. We will comply with environmental regulations and agreements, and will work to protect the environment by establishing voluntary management targets.
  4. We will encourage our affiliates and suppliers, both in Japan and overseas, to cooperate in working to protect the environment.
  5. We will actively disclose environment-related information and will seek the understanding of local communities and of society at large.