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For Immediate Release
Mitsubishi FCV Receives Vehicle Type Certification

- Mitsubishi Motors and DaimlerChrysler to share FCV maintenance facility -

Mitsubishi FCV

Maintenance workshop
Tokyo, November 5, 2003 - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has received Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport vehicle type certification for the Mitsubishi FCV1 model announced recently by the company. MMC can now start putting the Mitsubishi FCV through a verification testing program under actual driving conditions on public roads, which includes participation in the Japan Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Demonstration Project (JHFC Project) funded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The program will produce primary data on the vehicle's on-road, environmental and safety performance that will be added to MMC's FCV technology stockpile as the company works to bring a fuel-cell vehicle to market.

The Mitsubishi FCV derives from the Grandis minivan and uses DaimlerChrysler's latest fuel-cell system, which employs Ballard Power System's fuel cell stack and power module. Working in collaboration with DaimlerChrysler Japan Co., Ltd., MMC will maintain, inspect and service the Mitsubishi FCV at a purpose-built workshop at Mitsubishi Motors Techno-Service Co.'s facilities in Shinagawa, Tokyo. MMC will be using its alliance with DaimlerChrysler to further its FCV development program and will share servicing and maintenance technology information with DaimlerChrysler as it works to make fuel-cell vehicles a more common sight on Japan's roads.

MMC is planning to construct a new Vehicle Home Page for the company's web site that will provide the location and running status of test vehicles undergoing testing on public roads. As well as using the Vehicle Home Page as an effective means for collecting data on the Mitsubishi FCV under actual driving conditions, MMC intends to develop the Vehicle Home Page further by adding remote vehicle diagnostic systems and other advanced content.

1Fuel-cell vehicle

Mitsubishi FCV schematic

Vehicle Home Page

Mitsubishi FCV fuel-cell system outline
Vehicle Weight 2,000kg
Number of Passenger 5
Max Speed 140km/h
Range 150km
Fuel-cell Stack Type PEFC(Ballard Power System Inc.)
Max Power 68kW
H2 Tank Storage Type Compressed Hydrogen
Pressure 35Mpa
Tank Capacity 117L
Battery Nickel-hydrogen
Motor Type AC motor
Max Power 65kW
Max Torque 210N-m

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