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  3. History of Mitsubishi Motors - 1980s

History of Mitsubishi Motors

This section presents the history of Mitsubishi Motors from its beginning with the founding of Mitsubishi in 1870 to spinning off from the automotive division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1970, and developments right up to the present day.


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1980 The "Galant Sigma," "Eterna Sigma" (with the strut-type rear wheel independent suspension) is launched.
The "Forte 4WD" (with the silent chain-type 4WD transfer onboard) is launched.
The Beijing office is established.
1981 The "Lancer EX1800 Turbo" (with a gasoline turbo engine onboard) is launched.
Mitsubishi Motor Sales America, Iuc. (MMSA) is established.
1982 Use of the MMC mark as the front emblem of newly launched cars starts.
The "Tredia" and "Cordia" are launched.
G12B MD engine(Modulated Displacement), ELC-3A/T.
The "Pajero" is launched.
The "Starion" is launched.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation acquire a 10 % stake in Hyundai Motor.
TAMACHI INC is established in Puerto Rico(Mitsubishi Motors Corporation have a 100 % stake in the company, which latter becomes MMSC).
The test laboratory (exhaust gas test site) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the United States is completed.
1983 Pajeros take part in the Paris-Dakar rally for the first time and win the unmodified production class title, and finish first and second in the marathon racing. Pajeros also win the best team award for the triple crown.
The "Chariot" is launched.
G63B turbo engine with an intercooler.
The "Galant Sigma," "Eterna Sigma" (with ECS/EPS/ECM onboard) is launched.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation and Heavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia (HICOM) conclude the agreement to establish a joint national car business. (Later the national car manufacturer becomes PROTON).
1984 The design center, test lab and parts depot in Cypress, California are completed.
Ralliart is established.
G63B DASH engine (200PS).
The Starion 4WD wins the class title in the Milles Piste Rally held in France.
Integration of Industries and Sales is put into practice.
1985 A contract on joint development of the Debonair with Hyundai Motor of Rep. of Korea is concluded.
The Pajero enters the 7th Paris-Dakar Rally and wins the overall title.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Chrysler reach an agreement to terminate and cancel the basic contract on a joint venture of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.
An agreement with Chrysler to set up a joint corporation for producing passenger cars in the United States is reached. (The company later becomes DSM).
1986 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation acquires a 19 % stake and Mitsubishi Corporation a 6 % stake in CMC Co.,Ltd. in Taiwan.
Cyclone engine
The "Debonair V" (with 6G7 V6 engine onboard) is launched.
Shipment of V6 engines to Chrysler starts.
1987 UDMI and SMC in Thailand merge and MSC is established.
PAMCOR is set up in the Philippines.
Basic partnership agreement with Daimler Benz including sales of Mercedes-Benz in Japan and production of commercial vehicles in Europe is reached
Use of the mark of three-diamond as emblems for cars for the domestic market resumes.
The "Mirage 3-door Hatchback" is launched.
The "Galant" (with 4G6 DOHC 4-valve engine, VCU-type full-time 4WD, active ECS 4-wheel integrated control system onboard) is launched.
The Galant is voted '87-'88 Japan Car of the Year.
1988 The production line of the "Eclipse" at DSM starts operations.
1989 The "Minica" is launched.
3G81 DOHC 5-valve engine.
HCU-type Full-time , SWD.
Mitsubishi Motors Europe (MME) is established.
The Mitsubishi Auto Gallery opens at the Nagoya Plant-Okazaki, where famous Mistubishi cars are exhibited.
Galant VR-4 wins the overall titles in WRC1000 Lake Rally and RAC Rally.
Paris-Dakar Rally (1983)
Paris-Dakar Rally (1983)

Paris-Dakar Rally (1983)

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