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  3. History of Mitsubishi Motors - 1970s

History of Mitsubishi Motors

This section presents the history of Mitsubishi Motors from its beginning with the founding of Mitsubishi in 1870 to spinning off from the automotive division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1970, and developments right up to the present day.


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1970 The "Colt Galant GTO" (with 4G32 DOHC Saturn engine onboard) is launched.
The initial basic contract on a joint venture with Chrysler is concluded.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is established.
1971 Sales of the "Dodge Colt" start in North America
The Colt F2000 wins the Japan Grand Prix Auto Race.
The "Galant Coupe FTO" is launched.
1972 The "Minica F4" (with 2G2 Vulcan engine onboard) is launched.
1973 The "Lancer" is launched.
The Galant 16L HT GS wins the 21st East African Safari Rally.
The Lancer 1600GSR wins all titles in the 8th Australian Southern Cross Rally.
A contract on giving technical assistance on the 4G36 engine to Hyundai Motor is concluded.
1974 Football Club, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. wins the All-Japan Soccer Championship, the Emperor's Cup.
1976 The symbol mark "M.M" is attached to new products.
The "Galant Sigma" (with the 4G5 engine with silent shaft and 4 link rear suspension G32B MCA-JET engine onboard) is launched.
The "Galant Lambda" is launched.
1977 The Nagoya Plant-Okazaki is completed.
Europe Office (The Netherlands) is established.
The 1st Mirage Bowl is held.
1978 A new sales channel,"Car Plaza" consisting of 109 companies (186 outlets) starts operations nationwide.
The "Mirage" (with KM160 transmission with super-shift onboard) is launched.
1979 The patent rights on the silent shaft are licensed to Porsche AG.
The Kyoto Plant-Shiga is completed.
The total number of cars produced exceeds one million/year. (1.005 million exactly)
Safari Rally
Safari Rally

Safari Rally

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