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T H E   C U T E   B E A S T


Mitsubishi’s activeness is expressed as playful SUV image with strong presence. It pursues freshness with a stylish feeling and originality of K-car suited for the today’s trend.


Exterior with both a fine quality feeling and originality

Face design concept, "DYNAMIC SHIELD" is adopted. Combination of vertical plated bar and horizontal grille produces a stable feeling and a confidence feeling.
Positioning lamps arranged under the hood have high visibility. Considering the position of LED head lamp not to dazzle oncoming vehicle, functional and characteristic lamp layout is realized.

SUV form with higher center of gravity and solid tough design are realized in the side view. Sculpted and sharp character line in the door panel and press line emphasizing wheel fender flare express toughness and stability around the underbody.
Floating roof and jet fin rear pillar accentuate roomy cabin and activeness.

In the rear, the thick bumper holding firm upper cabin gives stability and SUV feeling. Rear combination lamps have a characteristic shape related to jet fin pillar and balances with wide gate opening.


Interior Focusing on a roominess feeling and detail

Instrument panel is the Horizontal-layout design by the concept, 'Horizontal Axis'. Floating and widely extending upper of instrument panel, having harmonized section between a soft and solid feeling, expresses a roomy comfort feeling.