Music CD data download for HDD navigation system

By using the link indicated below to download music CD data exclusively for HDD navigation system and to update your vehicle's HDD navigation system, you will be able to use the following feature.

Gracenote database version update

By updating the Gracenote database, the latest music information (track titles, album titles, artists, etc.) will be displayed automatically when a music CD is recorded in the music server.


  • Any information concerning the CD titles released after the database update was created will not be retrieved even if the update was implemented by this product. Information about some CD titles may not also be retrieved even if they were released prior to the database update.
  • Mitsubishi Motors shall not indemnify any data recorded by users (bookmarks, music data etc.) in the event that such data was altered or lost as a result of defects caused by some kind of influence while using this product.


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