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Data download

Before performing the update procedure, please read the "Download and installation instructions" and "Installation requirements" and make sure you understand them.

Updated Data Version Availability
Ver.xxxx-0379 Until Nov 2017

The new CDDB data version is xxxx-10379, but the display is xxxx-0379.

Please check your current CDDB data version on the navigation screen.

[Versions that Require Updates]

For customers using the CDDB Data version with the last four figures ending with [0379], you already have the latest version and updates are not necessary.

All other versions require updates.

For updates, please download the latest data from below.

[reference : your current CDDB Data version]

Version shown on the screen Availability
Ver.0438-0000 Until May 2006
Ver.0663-0000 Until April 2007
Ver.1019-0000 Until May 2008
Ver.1626-0000 Until March 2009
Ver.2592-0000 Until March 2010
Ver.3483-0000 Until March 2011
Ver.4336-0000 Until Oct 2011
Ver.5221-0000 Until Oct 2012
Ver.xxxx-1459 Until March 2007
Ver.xxxx-1959 Until July 2008
Ver.xxxx-2281 Until May 2009
Ver.xxxx-2963 Until May 2010
Ver.xxxx-3384 Until Mar 2011
Ver.xxxx-3948 Until Nov 2011
Ver.xxxx-4525 Until Nov 2012
Ver.xxxx-5636 Until Oct 2013
Ver.xxxx-6753 Until June 2014
Ver.xxxx-7676 Until July 2015
Ver.xxxx-0379 Until Nov 2017


  • Although most of the CD titles released during the listed periods are included in the update, some title data may not exist.
    (Mitsubishi Motors has no way of knowing whether or not the update contains specific music information and thereby cannot respond to any inquiries about this matter.)


Download (zip format)

(zip format:44.6MB)


Download (zip format)

(zip format:550MB)

For customers who have completed updates, please confirm that the last four figures end in [0379] on the CDDB data version on the navigation screen.

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