Map of the 1997 World Rally Championship


Round 1 Monte Carlo Rally 19th-23th January T.Makinen 3rd
U.Nittel 5th
Round 2 International Swedish Rally 7th-10th February T.Makinen 3rd
Round 3 555 Safari Rally 1st-3rd March R.Burns 2nd
Round 4 Tap Rally Portugal 23rd-27th March T.Makinen 1st
Round 5 Catalunya Rally 14th-16th April T.Makinen 1st
Round 6 Tour de Corse 5th-8th May U.Nittel 8th
Round 7 Rally Chevron Argentina 22nd-24th May T.Makinen 1st
Round 8 Acropolis Rally 8th-10th June T.Makinen 3rd
R.Burns 4th
U.Nittel 6th
Round 9 Smokefree Rally New Zealand
(APRC Round 3)
2nd-5th August R.Burns 4th
Round 10 Neste Rally Finland 29th-31st August T.Makinen 1st
Round 11 Rally of Indonesia
(APRC Round 5)
19th-21st September R.Burns 4th
Round 12 Rally Sanremo 13th-15th October T.Makinen 3rd
Round 13 API Rally Australia
(APRC Round 6)
31st October-3rd November T.Makinen 2nd
R.Burns 4th
E.Ordynski 6th
Round 14 NETWORK Q RAC Rally 22nd-25th November T.Makinen 6th
R.Burns 4th
*APRC= Asia Pacific Rally Championship


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