Thursday 13 September 2001


Jutta Kleinschmidt, Rolf Eckrodt, Tommi Makinen
Frankfurt Motor Show

Rolf Eckrodt, COO of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, proudly unveiled two new Mitsubishi vehicles to the world's media at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 11 September 2001, both of which reflect an exciting new design concept for the Japanese manufacturer.


J. Kleinschmidt unveiled Mitsubishi Pajero / Montero Evolution concept car
The all-new Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution concept car is a stunning example of the company's new directive for greater visual emphasis on passion and enthusiasm, a development philosophy to create a more competitive and exciting car in anticipation of the new regulations for the legendary Paris-Dakar Rally. Although the vehicle was heavily influenced by Frenchman and new chief designer Oliver Boulay, Jutta Kleinschmidt - the lady who made motorsport history by winning the 2001 Paris-Dakar Rally in Mitsubishi's Pajero/Montero - participated in its dynamic and futuristic design. The legendary German driver, who was in attendance at Frankfurt, currently leads the 2001 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies in her Pajero/Montero with two events left to contest.


Mitsubishi Pajero / Montero Evolution
concept car

Standing proudly alongside the Pajero Evolution, was Mitsubishi's first-ever World Rally Car which will make its debut in the FIA World Rally Championship this October. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution World Rally Car also marks a change in policy that was outlined by Rolf Eckrodt at the show and, while it remains faithful to its production origins, it is a purpose-built competition car that takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by the World Rally Car rules and allows Mitsubishi to compete on equal terms.


T. Makinen compete with Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Playstation version

Marlboro Mitsubishi Ralliart driver Tommi Makinen, fresh from the team's latest asphalt test in France, was also in attendance to mark the occasion. The Finnish four-times World Champion, who currently leads the FIA World Rally Championship for drivers, is not only looking to claim his fifth title this season with the new World Rally Car, but also shares Mitsubishi's dreams of maintaining its lead in the all-important Manufacturers' Championship and bringing home a second makes crown at the end of a long and gruelling season covering four continents.

With the formal proceedings to the world's motoring and motorsport media completed, both Makinen and Kleinschmidt demonstrated their prowess behind the wheel, but on this occasion competing on the Playstation version of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution!

Frankfurt Motorshow, September 12th :
Paris-Dakar Rally organizer Hurbert Auriol voiced his condolences regarding the recent death of Mitsubsihi Team Director Ullich Brehemer at the show's Mitsubishi booth.



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