Monday 21 February 2000
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FIA presents Special Award to Mitsubishi for
its contribution to motor sports.
Makinen honored for his 4 consecutive years of Victory!


1999 FIA World Rally Champion, Tommi Makinen
(on the right), and Co-Driver, Rist Mannisenmaki (left).

The annual FIA ceremony, usually held at the end of the year was held on January 16th, 2000 at the prestigious Monte Carlo Sports Club.


Tommi Makinen (on the right)
and F1 Driver, Mika Hakkinen (left).
The teams and individual drivers who have achieved outstanding performances in FIA-sanctioned events such as Formula 1, World Rally Championship or World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies were honored. The grandeur event was attended by more than 500 guests including pricepaute de Monaco. Tommi Makinen and co-driver Risto Mannisenmaki, who achieved tremendous success with four straight victories, were especially honored. This exceptional achievement of four consecutive years as champion is the first of its kind in World Rally Championship history and the applause received from the crowd was evidence of this accomplishment.

Also, besides the honor bestowed on Champions Makinen and Mannisenmaki, Mitsubishi turned out three champions; Gustavo Trelles (World Cup for Production Cars), Katsuhiko Taguchi (Asia-Pacific Rally Championship) and former World Downhill Ski Champion Luc Alphand (World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies Marathon Trophy) receiving three Manufacturers' Titles with victories in these events. With more than 30 years actively participating in the motor sport world, Mitsubishi was also honored for its invaluable contribution.

Mitsubishi results of 1999
FIA World Rally Champion - Drivers : Tommi Makinen
FIA World Rally Champion - Co-Drivers : Risto Mannisenmaki

Winner of the FIA Cup for Drivers of Production Cars - Drivers : Gustavo Trelles
Winner of the FIA Cup for Drivers of Production Cars - Co-Drivers : Martin Christie

FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Champion - Drivers : Katsuhiko Taguchi
FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Champion - Co-Drivers : Ron Teoh
Winner of the FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Cup for Drivers of Production Cars : Katsuhiko Taguchi
FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship - Winner of the Manufacturers' Cup : Mitsubishi

Winner of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies - Manufacturers : Mitsubishi
Winner of the Marathon Trophy - Drivers : Luc Alphand
Winner of the Marathon Trophy - Manufacturers : Mitsubishi

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