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History of Products

1980s: The "Pajero" and "Delica Wagon" are announced, leading the RV boom

The "Pajero", a genuine off-road 4WD with the flavor of a passenger car, is launched. In the1980s, Mitsubishi Motors announced advanced products for the steadily expanding market, including the "Lancer" and "Delica" wagons, etc.


May 1980 ·Galant Σ
·Eterna Σ
·Galant Λ
·Eterna Λ
Sep 1981 ·Minica Ami L
Mar 1982 ·Chariot
May 1982 ·Pajero


May 1982 ·Starion
Feb 1983 ·Chariot


Sep 1983 ·Galant Σ
·Eterna Σ
Oct 1983 ·Mirage
·Lancer Fiore
Feb 1984 ·Minica
Jun 1984 ·Minicab
Oct 1984 ·Galant Σ H/T
·Eterna Σ H/T
Feb 1985 ·Mirage Wagon
·Lancer Wagon
Jun 1986 ·Delica
Aug 1986 ·Debonair V
Oct 1987 ·Mirage
Oct 1987 ·Galant


Jun 1988 ·Lancer
Oct 1988 ·Eterna
Jan 1989 ·Minica
Oct 1989 ·Eterna Sava
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