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Note: Equipment may vary by market.
Please consult your local Mitsubishi Motors dealer/distributor for details.
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When The Vertical Screen You Can Choose The Seat Variation And Situation.

Active Stability & Traction Control (ASTC)*

Active Stability & Traction Control independently regulates braking force to the wheels during cornering to help maintain excellent vehicle stability when needed. It also optimizes traction to prevent loss of torque whenever wheel spin is detected by controlling engine output and applying brake force to the spinning wheels.

* Only available on models equipped with 4N15 engine.
Note: The control capabilities of ASTC are supplemental only. Please drive safely and never rely solely on these functions while driving. Be sure to use the same specified type and size of tires on all 4 wheels. Do not install any aftermarket limited slip differential on your vehicle. Please see the owner's manual for additional information.

Paddle shifters

Sporty paddle shifters let you shift gears with a press — without removing your hand from the steering wheel.

Auto dimming rear view mirror

This mirror automatically reduces glare from the headlights of cars behind you to maintain a clear rear view and support safer driving.

Audio system with 6.1-inch full-color display

The L200 now features a display with 6.1-inch full-color touch screen. In addition to giving you full control over a wide range of audio options, the display also links to the rearview camera.

1. Easy-to-select menu
The intuitive interface makes selecting functions safe and easy.

2. Rearview camera
Safely navigate into even tight parking spaces.

USB connectivity

Select music directly from your portable player.

Super Select 4WD-II

Using the drive mode selector dial, you can switch between 2WD (2H) and 4WD (4H, 4HLc) with shift-on-the-fly convenience at up to 100km/h. When the going gets rough, lock the center differential by entering the 4HLc setting for rugged terrain or the 4LLc setting for inclines, mud and snow.

Note: Super Select 4WD-II lets you shift between 2H, 4H and 4HLc modes at speeds up to 100km/h. Vehicle must be stopped when switching between 4HLc and 4LLc. Please see the owner's manual for additional information.

Luxurious new front seats

Enhanced high-quality seating, including newly designed front seats, raises driving pleasure for all occupants.