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Here introduces Mitsubishi Motors' advanced technology to deliver the driving pleasure to all over the world.


Auto Stop and GO (AS&G); saving fuel consumption while the vehicle is stopping.

The vehicles with new MIVEC engine are also equipped with the idling stop system “AS&G”. It reduces fuel consumption with stopping engine automatically when a vehicle stops on signals or else while driving on D-range. The engine will restart automatically with natural feeling as just releasing break pedal.

How AS&G works / No special operation required. This new ecological technology will perform without hustle, just as same feeling to drive ordinary cars without idling stop functions.
The engine stops automatically when car stops for the red light, just with putting break pedal. / No gasoline is consumed, no exhaust gas is emitted, because the engine is not running. / The engine re-start instantly on the timing to start for the green light, just with releasing break pedal. / The car start just naturally with putting accelerator pedal, as if the idling has not been stopped.

New MIVEC Engine

New MIVEC Engine; directing both of driving pleasure and superior fuel efficiency.

New MIVEC* engine realize both of driving pleasure and fuel efficiency. Totally new variable valve timing and lift mechanism “MIVEC” is equipped on 1.8L 4cylinder SOHC16valve gasoline engine. A single mechanism couple valve lift, valve opening duration and the timing of valve opening to operate more ideal valve control. The engine became lighter and more compact, while its fuel efficiency is greately improved.
*Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system
(The generic name for Variable valve timing mechanism of Mitsubishi Motors')

New MIVEC Engine

Clean Diesel Engine

Clean Diesel Engine (DI-D*); with evolved environmental, economical and driving performances

Controlling combustion process and after-treatment of exhaust emissions are updated through-and-through on this new common-rail-injection-type diesel engine. It's the new generation diesel engine which reduces air polluting emissions greatly and improves fuel efficiency and output performance. 3.2L model on PAJERO clears the Japanese 2009 Post New Long-term Emissions Standards and the 2015 Fuel Economy Standards (JC08 mode test cycle.)
*DI-D:Direct Injection Diesel

Clean Diesel Engine

*Information is updated as of December 2011

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