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Mitsubishi Motors proposes a new life style to live together with a electric vehicle at TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2011.


“Smart” Houses Manage Electricity For You. The MiEV House Makes Using Electric Vehicle Batteries Easier and More Effective For You.

MiEV HOUSE is a study to utilize electric vehicle with large capacity battery as the electric power source of a home, connecting with energy management system which is to use energy more efficiently at residence. Mitsubishi Motors developed Electric Vehicle Integration System (EIS), that is not disturbing usage of the car while feeding electricity to the home steadily. It watches the amount of electricity left in the vehicle's battery constantly and defines the available amount to feed to home. EIS also cooperates with Home Energy Management vSystem (HEMS), which manages efficient energy usage at residence, to reduce total amount of electricity consumption to minimum.

MiEV HOUSE Energy Management System

Wireless Charging System

No Plug? No Problem. You're Charged And Ready To Go Before You Know It. Park & Charge With Wireless Charging Systems.

To make electric vehicle easier to use, Mitsubishi Motors is developing wireless charging system in cooperation with WiTricity Corporation from USA and IHI company. It's the technology to charge a vehicle's battery wirelessly if transmission system is nearby. For example, charging equipment buried in the road surface will be able to charge while signal stop or brief parking for shopping. Development is on-going for the future to feed electricity from vehicle to home wirelessly as well. Evolution of charging and feeding will make electric vehicle even more convenient. It will develop even more comfortable car life.

Wireless Charging System

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