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Concept PX-MiEV II / The world's first extended-range electric SUV takes you places like never before - while being friendly to the environment. Definitely something to be happy about.

360 degree Viewer

Making Electric Vehicle more active and reliable. MITSUBISHI Concept PX-MiEV II is the SUV which proposing new world of long touring.

If Electric Vehicle could master energetic performance of SUV, it will develop fun of the car of all sorts. Such idea has resulted in this Plug-in Hybrid EV with powerful twin motors. Large capacity battery brought quiet and clean driving of Electric Vehicle in various scenes. Driving range become much broader with the petrol engine, which generate electric power and also assists driving powerfully. Plug-in Hybrid EV expands the potential of automotive, going further with gentle driving of Electric Vehicle and reliable performance and utility of SUV.


Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid EV System

In daily life scene, it drives in EV mode with large capacity battery. On suburban long touring for weekend, engine generates electricity and occasionally drives directly on high speed. Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid EV system expands the driving range of Electric Vehicle.

  • In residential area... / EV mode
    In residential area, quiet EV mode works with noiseless twin motor. On daily use such as shopping or commuting, it works as Electric Vehicle.
  • While driving in the city... / Series Hybrid mode
    When traction battery is getting low or charge-mode-switch is on, engine start to generate, that drives motor and charges battery while driving.
  • Going far on high way... / Parallel Hybrid mode
    On high speed, engine drives the vehicle directly. Occasionally twin motor assists driving with the electricity of traction battery to achieves powerful driving for long distance.
  • Driving in nature... / Driving only on traction battery
    “Battery driving mode” can be selected to drive in nature. Twin motor drive with traction battery and let you enjoy powerful SUV driving still clean, quiet and friendly to the environment.
  • Having fun on outdoor leisure / 1500W electricity feeding
    Satisfactory outdoor life await at destination. AC100V/1500W electricity for leisure equipment appliances can be supplied from outlet in the car.
  • Easy charging at home / Charging / Feeding
    Dual charging function such as normal charge with AC100V/200V at home or quick charge are equipped. Technology to feed stored electricity to home is also under development.


Drivetrain Twin-motor 4WD
Overall length 4660mm
Overall width 1830mm
Overall height 1680mm
Wheelbase 2630mm
Track F/R 1570mm/1570mm
Occupants 5
Motor Type F/R Permanent magnet synchronous
Max. output F/R 60kW/60kW
Engine Type 2.0-liter 4-cylinder MIVEC
Generating capacity 70kW
Target EV driving range 50km
Target cruising range 800km
Target combined fuel efficiency 60km/liter
Suspension F/R McPherson strut/Multi-link
Tires 235/55R18

*Information is updated as of December 2011

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